F.A.Q. ( Frequently Asked Question )


What i can do to get involve with the people out there and help them?
SC : Ehem...you can start by joining our Club!!

How to join Sendi Saga Club?
SC : For those who study at IIUM, you can visit our booth on the first week of next semester ( 1st week?? ) and register there!!! We are very eager to meet you!!

Salam.. I already heard about CENSERVE UNIT and i believe that there are a lot of societies under it that cater different types of people.What is your target group?
SC : Then, you must be from IIUM..hahhaha..we cater all sort of people who are in need.But our main target group is primary school students age 7 to 12.

Hello. I never heard about Sendi Saga Club?
SC : Hello to you too!!! Sendi Club is among the most low-profile club under Censerve.Nevertheless,we are among the active one too!! For the year 2007/2008,we managed to conduct 15++ programs and help 1000++ peoples in need!

So many programmes?
SC : Yup!! Its true!! This is IIUM therefore I cannot lie to you...hahahahaha.

What is your club biggest achievement?
SC : Hmm.. We managed to be listed in the TOP 3 Best Community Service Club in last year IIUM Co-Curicullum Award..How big is that???

Wow!! That Great!!
SC : Alhamdulillah...

SC : So So So So many benefits!! First you will learn to be independent and appreciate those around you. Next you'll gain presentation skills, and facilitating skills. Apart from that you will also learn how to make paperwork and proporsal!! Then you will get bla bla bla bla bla.......and the list goes on!! So hurry up and join us!!!
So...thats all for now...till we meet again next time !!! Bye


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