About Us

IIUM has a long tradition in contributing to the society through voluntary community service project and the will of volunteerism is well developed among students and staffs. Every IIUM graduate shall not only be well versed in his or her field of study but even more so, shall also socially responsible and has strong desire to improve the lives of humankind.

In 2016, we provide a free mentoring service to three local primary schools: SK Sentul 1, SK Sentul 2 & SK Batu Muda.

The following below is list of activities we've planned for the year 2016:
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From the early tenure, SENDI hold the meaning and responsibility of “Semaian  Budi”.  The flow of establishment has shown as below :


" To be an excellent club in mentoring and facilitating services "


" To help the youngster and strengthen their personality "


B  -   Building up club members teamwork

E   -   Excellent in community services

S   -   Systematic in club management

T   -   Top commitment and spirit

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